Car Rentals

December 28, 2014

Most patients renting a car for out of town doctor appointments used the mainstream sites like Hotwire and Priceline, as the vehicles in the rental fleets are all pretty much … LEARN MORE – —>

CD 57

February 12, 2015

CD 57 is a specific protein marker on white blood cells that is used as a clinical guide by some practitioners to assess disease status. There are many different CDs … LEARN MORE – —>

Cholesterol-reducing Mushrooms

February 17, 2015

The following mycelium and mushrooms are sometimes recommended by astute clinicians to aid in cholesterol reduction: cordyceps maitake mesima oyster reishi shiitake


December 1, 2018

will lower insulin levels and A1c

Clear Way Cofactors

August 27, 2016

Clear Way Cofactors is a supplement product ¬†manufactured for Quicksilver Scientific and is intended to support the body’s detoxification and anti-oxidant pathways. It contains a blend of: thiamine (vitamin B1 … LEARN MORE – —>


February 10, 2014

CYP11A1 is the key cytochrome P450 enzyme class that is responsible for converting cholesterol to pregnenolone, the hormone from which all steroid based hormones such as progesterone, the estrogens, testosterone, … LEARN MORE – —>